Art Studio 376 | Red Above and Red Below
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Red Above and Red Below


Autumn means that bright red comes to many landscapes. This stylized art cluster highlights the overpowering effect of “hot” red contrasted with “cool” blues and grays that the changing weather brings.


This cluster includes the following pieces:


Ladies in Red

Mary Hogan (author) says that red is the color of life. It is passion and rage. It is lifeblood. It is love, roses, and valentines. It is ripe tomatoes, peppers, and strawberries. It is fire and heat. But the red in an autumn forest is all of that and more. It takes your breath away.

Oil Painting 30″ x 40 x 3


The Red Carpet

Autumn paints not only the leaves on trees but also the plants that populate the landscape. Ferns, serviceberry, and other plants provide what seems to be a red carpet when autumn colors are at their peak.

Fused Glass 16″ x 16″