Art Studio 376 | It’s a Bright, Sunny October Day
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It’s a Bright, Sunny October Day


October in Montana is often spectacular. This cluster captures the colors of the trees, the patterns of movement caused by changing weather, and the ever-present Cottonwoods, living and dead, along the lower Clark Fork River.

This cluster includes the following pieces:


Low Water

On this brilliant, sunny October day, leaves on trees and bushes along the Clark Fork River display bright , vibrant colors, contrasting with their almost tangible blue/black shadows. The summer snow melt is gone; we are at low water.

30″ x 40″ x 3″  Oil Painting


Autumn Wind

The brightly colored leaves steal the show in this abstract interpretation of the autumn landscape. As they move in the autumn wind, they dominate and diminish the upstanding columns of tree trunks that usually define the scene.

16 x 16 Fused Glass


Standing Tall

Near brightly colored autumn trees stands a bare trunk, what is left of a once vibrant, leaf-laden cottonwood. Standing tall, this defiant trunk retains the essence of a tree…. a strong skeletal framework unrelated to autumn colors.

24″ x 8″ x 8″ Earthenware Clay