Art Studio 376 | Earth
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Earth – Painting

The earth in the Great Bear Wilderness along the Middle Fork of the Flathead River had both an intimacy and a vastness. The intimacy comes from seeing small parts of a scene; the vastness from seeing the overall expansiveness of cliffs, ledges, mountains, and valleys. This composite painting shows the high cliffs of Trinity Mountain, the rock ledges near Granite Cabin, and the valleys that are the hallmark of the area.

30″ x 40″ Acrylic Painting


Earth – Glass

The earth near Granite Cabin included ledges made of layer upon layer of sediment that have become rock over eons. Each layer has a story to tell about the conditions of its creation: During this period it was dry or during this period it was wet; for this period, sediment came from glacial movement or from this period sediment came from flowing water; and so on. Each layer is unique, took time to form that is beyond our comprehension, and yet each layer plays only a small, single role in the overall earthscape.

16″ x 16″ Fused Glass


Earth – Clay

The circular form of this earthenware clay sculpture is to remind us of earth’s cyclic nature – how it will renew itself, repeat itself, and reinvent itself through time. This stylized depiction of earth represents its essence, what would be true about earth anywhere in the wilderness — the ruggedness of the terrain, the high and low layers of rock and dirt, and some of the life forms that cling to the earth for survival.

12″ x 8″ Earthenware Clay