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Water – Painting

The water in the Great Bear Wilderness along the Middle Fork of the Flathead River came from everywhere: small streams, large creeks, and of course the river itself. Two days and nights of rain caused the streams, creeks, and the river to rise from their late summer levels. This composite painting incorporates Twenty-Five Mile Creek as it flows from mountains high above the river, the steep dirt banks that many creeks carve, and the rocks (large and small) that have been rounded over time by the constant force of water and are visible in many locations.

30″ x 40″ x 3″ Acrylic Painting


Water – Glass

The water in the valley of the Middle Fork of the Flathead River is everywhere, literally and figuratively. In the literal sense, water from melting snow from far up the mountains moves along streams, creeks and the river itself, going toward the valley and lower terrain. In the figurative sense, stones in streams, creeks and the river itself show the ongoing effects of water, moving the stones, smoothing them, mixing them with other stones, and fitting them together in a pattern of amazing colors.

16″ x 16″ Fused Glass


Water – Clay

The circular form of this earthenware clay sculpture is to remind us of water’s cyclic nature – how it will renew itself, repeat itself, and reinvent itself through time. This stylized depiction of water represents its essence, what would be true about water anywhere in the wilderness — the individual streams that braid themselves across the land, eventually emptying into a river or lake, creating individual currents, and supporting life forms beneath the combined waters’ surface.


12″ x 8″ Earthenware Clay